About me...

...how much time you got?




It all began in central Texas, born to a couple of hippies that thought "Ray" would be an excellent middle name to an "Amber" which is the same rock that preserved the DNA of dinosaurs for Jurassic park. Pretty sweet, right?  So, as a "Ray of sunshine", what could possibly go wrong?

Well, I ended up in Chicago after years of regional and international theatre acting. There was also a BFA degree attained before all that, from Texas State University, studying under people like C. C. Babcock (Laura Lane) from The Nanny (NAME DROP!) I’ve been performing onstage since 1992.

My most recent and most serious endeavor is writing and directing for film. I am terrified and excited about the wide accessibility film gives stories. I look forward to sharing that power with under-served voices through characters that break stereotypes and give insight to real people, preferably through the use of comedy. I love the power of comedy.


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