Critics say...

"The liberated State Department translator Barbara (Kelli Harrington) and boss’s wife Kitty (Amber Snyder) are arguably the best things in the show, and create a perfect balance of suave and ditzy to play against the main four" - PERFECT ARRANGEMENT, PerformInk, Haley Slimon




Resolution is a well crafted drama that is both a morality play and a thriller. Amber Snyder as Margaret and Tiffany Mitchenor as Jack were particularly effectively. This work is worth seeing. - RESOLUTION, Chicago Critic, Tom Williams


When their Irish-Catholic scullery maid (an astonishing Amber Snyder) finds out their secret one New Year's Eve, snooping around the delicately furnished apartment after hours, the ensuing clash between unconditional love and orthodox prudence is, in terms of theater history, deeply conventional—and I mean that in the best possible way. - resolution, chicago reader, max maller


his vapid socialite wife Kitty, played so very entertainingly by Amber Snyder.- Perfect arrangement, of notary, phillip potempa